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Houpe de VilleHoupe de Ville
Car Stories

We love car stories. Especially ones that we can relate to. Introducing our latest collective work, Houpe de Ville.

Car Won't Start CD. Artwork by William GrapesJunky cars - or "hoopties"- that remain road worthy with the help of duct tape, plastic wrap, garbage bags, bungee cords, plastic zip ties, nylon rope, foam insulation, Rustoleum, bondo, primer, patches and plugs...hopefully you get the picture.

We invited a few of our favorite writers and artists to tell us their hooptie stories and the book Houpe de Ville is the result. PLUS, available exclusively through the publisher, the redux of the SS-20 classic, "Car Won't Start" CD recorded by Public Figure!

Collected Works Edited by Betsy Young and Chuck Byrd
$10 ppd | 7 x 10 | 32 pages | paperback


Stories for ShortyWere You There?
Stories for Shorty: A Collection of Recollections from The Jockey Club 1982-1988

Back by popular demand, the book about The Jockey Club that everyone had stolen from them: Stories for Shorty: A Collection of Recollections from The Jockey Club 1982-1988.

Get your copy before they're gone! Also sold at Shake It Records, Torn Light Records, and Herzog Studio.

"The folks at local independent publisher Aurore Press have done more than almost anyone to keep alive the legend of The Jockey Club, the ’80s Punk Rock venue in Newport that put the allegedly behind-the-times Cincinnati on the Punk map and helped foster a strong local Punk scene that lives on to this day." -- Cincinnati CityBeat

Edited by Betsy Young and Chuck Byrd
$18 ppd | 5.5 x 8.5 | 255 pages | paperback


Versus by Nick Barrows and Mark FlaniganVersus
Poems by Nick Barrows and Mark Flanigan

The collaboration of two remarkable writers, Nick Barrows ("The Rabbit Punch Defense") and Mark Flanigan ("Journeyman's Lament").

"The combination of the two marks a prodding of humanity and the human psyche that is sometimes dark, sometimes ethereal and sometimes humorous.""The text, featuring the potent voices of Mark Flanigan and Nick Barrow, marks a dark, scathing, humorous and insightful form of poetic storytelling that becomes even more expressive via live performances." -- Cincinnati CityBeat

$14 ppd | 7.5 x 9.25 | 100 pages | paperback


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